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A complex simulation oriented strategy and management game on planetary scale. Each tile on the hexagonal grid is an atom of this dynamic and complex world. Subjects of interest for this project includes: emergent complexity, land use management, procedural generation, production chains and complex economies. This game is partly inspired by classics like Transport tycoon, Anno and Factorio.

World generation

Currently several systems are simulated when the world is generated. These includes hydraulic erosion and ecosystem dynamics. The aim of these systems is to create an interesting and varied world to interact with.

World generation

Erosion algorithm during world generation

Ecosystem dynamics simulation

Data visualization

Map filters allow the user to visualize the world in different ways. An essential part in viewing world data.

Map filter demo

The hexagon is the bestagon

The world is made up of hexagons (and 12 pentagons). This gives the tiles a good visual appeal. And lends itself well to adjacency features and tactics.

Some additional images from world generation


  • 4-8GB RAM
  • Windows operating system
  • Mac/Linux (experimental)
  • DirectX 11


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Orbis multiplex 35 MB
Orbis Multiplex 35 MB
Orbis Multiplex 35 MB
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Orbis Multiplex Linux.zip 37 MB
HexagonShowcase.zip 34 MB

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This looks really interesting! Is there a way to export the worlds we create as images?


At the moment no. You can take a screenshot by pressing "c". I've had a lot of questions about exporting images, so that is a feature I will prioritize for the near future. It would include exporting images of a map projection, somelike like a mercator projection.

I can never promise dates or precise timelines. But since this feature has been requested multiple times, I will try to add it in September 2022.

Thanks for the feedback!


or it could be a 3D model of the map because now computers have software that can open 3D models. Or both 2D and 3D can be offered as separate options.

Export > 2D Map or 3D Map


Exporting all geometry data (3D model) could be something I implement. But first im gonna prioritize 2D maps.


Keep improving. It looks like it will be a good game.


Thanks. Ye constant improvement and innovation is the key to success.


I agree.

Small steps bring small successes.

Small steps turn into big steps in the long run.

And big steps bring big success.


Some wise words.